Imperial Pale Ale


Russian Imperial Stout

Irish Stout

Coopers Classic

Old Dark Ale

(pre-hopped kit)

Old Mellow English Barleywine

Smokey Stout 


Session IPA

English Brown Ale

Coopers Blonde

(pre-hopped kit)

English Pale Ale

American Amber

Oatmeal Stout

Vienna Lager

Pacific Coast IPA

Coopers Real Ale

(pre-hopped kit)

Imperial Nut Brown

Coffee Porter

Imperial Blonde Ale

Coopers Australian Lager

Equinox IPA

Muntons American Light

(pre-hopped kit)

Hazelnut Amber Ale (Seasonal)

Whiskey Barrel Stout

American Classic

Coopers Cervesa

(pre-hopped kit)

Brewer's Best Ingredient Kits 5 Gallon

Belgian Stout Classic

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

American Wheat Beer

American Pale Ale

Pacific NW Pale Ale


Honey Brown Ale

Pumpkin Spice Porter

Scottish Ale

Rye Pale Ale

Milk Stout

Summer Ale

Pale Ale


Coopers Wheat

(pre-hopped kit)

Belgian Tripel

Belgian Saison

Imperial Stout

Chocolate Milk Stout

Coopers Australian Pale Ale

Brewer's Best Seasonal Ingredient Kits 5 Gallon

Double IPA

Coopers Bitter

(pre-hopped kit)

Grapefruit IPA 

Apricot Wheat Beer


Coopers Lager

(pre-hopped kit)

Belgian Tripel


Rogue Hazelnut

Brown Nectar 

American Cream Ale

Coopers India Pale Ale                                

Belgian Caramel Wit (Seasonal)

Shakespeare Stout

ESB Classic

Rogue Brutal Bitter

Holiday Ale 

White IPA

Munich Helles

European Bock

Belgian Golden Ale

Black IPA

American Brown Ale


Chocolate Stout

No Boil Extract Recipe Kits

Indian Pale Ale

Falconer's Flight IPA

Gluten Free Ale

American Red Ale

Belgian Caramel Wit

Belgian IPA

Muntons Export Pilsner

(pre-hopped kit)

Pineapple Honey Wheat

Imperial IPA

Smoked Porter

Robust Porter

Belgian Saison

American Pale Wheat

Coopers Pilsner

(pre-hopped kit)

Brewer's Best Ingredient Kits 1 Gallon

German Oktoberfest

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Raspberry Golden Ale


Water Melon Wheat

American Light 

Continental Pilsner

Munton Old Ale

(pre-hopped kit)

Coopers Stout

(pre-hopped kit)

Coopers Draught

(pre-hopped kit)

Red Ale


Ingredient Kits 5 Gallon

Belgian Dark Strong